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Demonstrates awareness of time

Math Vitamins:

Ages 6-8

Plan 60 Minutes of Activities

| Download Math Vitamin :   PDF   Notebook Time is a precious RESOURCE. It's TIME to plan your ultimate hour in class! Did you know that there are exactly 60 minutes in an hour? Each day in class we do SO many things like...

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Design a dream hour here in class. Choose the activities you would be excited to do and then decide how long you would like to do each one. Remember that your hour lasts only 60 minutes! Record your plan as a schedule on a Math Vitamin sheet.

Schedule a Morning of Activities

| Download Math Vitamin :   PDF   Notebook Make a morning schedule! Lots of people in our class were excited to make a schedule for longer than an hour, and to include things that weren't on our list from last week. Let's schedule a school morning!

As you know, a regular school day begins at 8:20am and runs until 11:15, when we have lunch and recess. For YOUR schedule, start at 8:20 and schedule at least 5 activities that will last until lunchtime. Any school activity other than lunch or recess is fine to use, but please make sure that you're scheduling enough time to actually do that activity (Math Vitamin should last longer than a few minutes).

Be sure to record how long each activity is, and when it starts and ends. Prepare your schedule in an organized way that someone else could read. Have fun!

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