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(ages 4, 5, 6)


The Emerging column on the continua addresses children’s development during the ages of 4, 5 and 6 years old. We know that children process and assimilate information at different rates; thus, it is typical to see the skills listed in this column demonstrated by children in this age range.

The children who are currently operating in this column are starting to learn and explore concepts with intent. They continue to learn from others, but they also can use materials to extend their own learning as well. They have a base of basic information to build upon and demonstrate an ability to write and draw recognizable characters. They prefer using manipulatives with one-to-one correspondence.

Socially, they are starting to engage in cooperative games and become aware that there are perspectives other than their own. They have one foot in the magical (wanting to believe in unicorns) but are starting to think that they may not be real.

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