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Skip counts by tens

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Estimating Values
(Ages 3-6)

In this Math Vitamin, students are asked to look at manipulative "ingredients" and to estimate the total number of ingredients versus the total value within each ingredient rod.

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Story: Can you estimate, or make an educated guess, about how many Cuisenaire rods are in the jar? Can you estimate the total value in the jar? Grab a sheet, write down your estimates, and hand it to a teacher!

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Math Vitamins:

Ages 3-6

Planting Rows of 10

| Download Math Vitamin :   PDF   Notebook The folks at Oxbow Farm are excited to share the fall harvest with us when we visit on Thursday. In the spring, they planted a pumpkin patch with seeds of different varieties. Over the summer, the plants grew vines, leaves and flowers and eventually, the fabulous fruit we know as PUMPKINS sprouted, swelled and ripened.

Let's have some fun planting our own pumpkin patches for Math Vitamin. Our field design calls for rows with 10 seeds in each. Grab a handful of seeds and get planting! How many full rows can you plant? How many seeds are left over? Build, draw and record your pumpkin patch. Happy planting!

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