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Sorts objects by 2 or more attributes

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Math Vitamins:

Ages 3-6

Grouping Butterflies

| Download Math Vitamin :   PDF   Notebook When I see pretty patterns, flying through the skies
I know they are none other than lovely butterflies!

We are so lucky to see these beautiful creatures in person today! There are 150,000 different species of butterflies or moths. The colors and patterns you see on their wings can camouflage them into their surroundings or be a warning to predators.

On your sheet is just a tiny sample of the many kinds of butterflies and moths in the world. Cut out the insects and sort them into groups according to the features you notice.

Sorting & Counting Beans

| Download Math Vitamin :   PDF   Notebook The bean shop is having quite the quandary! We ran through those beans so quickly that they need to reorder at the bean shop. First, we need to take inventory of how many different beans we have.

Take a scoop, sort them by variety, and record how many of each bean you have!

Sorting Coins by Size

| Download Math Vitamin :   PDF   Notebook Farmer Wendy and Farmer Erick from Jubilee farms in Carnation had finished loading their truck with potatoes, kale, and asparagus, when Farmer Wendy dropped her coin box to use at the market! The coins were all different sizes, colors and designs. Can you help sort them out?

Sorting Coins by Attribute

| Download Math Vitamin :   PDF   Notebook Grab a variety of coins and think of different ways you could sort them. What do they have in common? What differences do you notice? After you sort them on your sheet, think about how to label the different groups, then record your findings

Making Flower Patterns

| Download Math Vitamin :   PDF   Notebook Directions:

1. Find a partner and a set of flowers and place them face-up in a group.
2. Choose one flower to begin your bouquet.
3. Take turns finding the next flower in the row.
It should have two similar attributes and one that is different. (Remember, look at the shape, size and color!)

See if you can make an arrangement using the whole set. Good luck!

Categorizing Birds with Venn Diagram

| Download Math Vitamin :   PDF   Notebook Joseph and John James Audubon have drawn some pictures of birds, but they need to organize them. Let's help them by using a Venn Diagram. Grab a sheet, cut out a bird and see where in the diagram they belong.

Here are the three characteristics we're using to organize:
Short legs, long beak, big eyes

Math Vitamins:

Ages 6-8

Mythical Creature Mash Ups

| Download Math Vitamin :   PDF   Notebook Our mythical mash-ups are taking shape. Using your creatures as inspiration, we've created a characteristics key for you to combine heads, bodies, and legs.

How many different creatures can you make using these features?

Using your characteristic key, choose a unique colored unifix cube to represent each body part and record that color on your key. Build each creature combination and record your work.

Mythical Creature Mash Ups Day 2

| Download Math Vitamin :   PDF   Notebook WOW! Across the 1-2s we have discovered that you can make many different creatures using just a few characteristics! Today, continue working towards a solution to this question:

How many different creatures can you make using these features?

Our characteristic keys have helped us use new, efficient ways to record our creatures.
Is there a way to organize your different creatures?
How can you keep track of all the unique creatures you made?
Are you noticing any patterns?
Record your findings using numbers, pictures and sentences.

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