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Holds a number constant while counting on

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Pentablock Snowflakes
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Suggested manipulatives: Pattern Blocks, Pentablocks or any geometric blocks with varying shapes.

Prep time: Adapting the Math Vitamin wording to fit your specific story, putting the manipulative out in the room, creating the data sheets and copying the student documentation forms will take about 15-20 minutes. Set-up is always more fun and shorter on time if you do this activity with a colleague.

Classroom time: Asking children to do their best work for each Math Vitamin assumes that some children will need a longer time than others. Ideally you want to offer a block of time for Math Vitamin projects and have another task available (writing, free exploration, etc.) for those students who finish work prior to their peers. For this project allow 20-45 minutes for students to work through all the steps.

How to individualize/stretch: Giving students practice counting in number groups, counting by 2’s, 5’s, etc., is a next step following 1 to 1 counting. For students who can count and notate groups of items, ask them to predict future steps in more complex patterns. For example, if they have built five steps of a pattern, ask them to estimate what the 12th step will look like and then check their prediction. Move toward 3-dimensional shapes and start talking about the volume and surface area of the patterns.

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Ages 3-6

Playground Survey

| Download Math Vitamin :   PDF   Notebook For our Math Vitamin today, we will be doing an All Early Elementary Survey! After grabbing a sheet and a clip board, you will go around each of the six classrooms and ask your floormates the following question: What is your favorite recess activity?

Wheeled vehicles, sports court, monkey bars, spinners, sandbox

Cookie Survey

| Download Math Vitamin :   PDF   Notebook This morning you will get to SURVEY the entire Early Elementary to find out what kind of cookies people like best. As you travel from room to room, ask everyone you see about his or her favorite kind of cookie.

Chocolate chip, sugar cookie, gingerbread, thumbprint, snickerdoodle

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