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Demonstrates understanding of 3-digit place value

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Math Vitamins:

Ages 3-6

Build 128 with Base-10 Blocks Game

| Download Math Vitamin :   PDF   Notebook Yesterday we got our feet wet discovering what ounces look like. Did you know there are 128 ounces in a GALLON?!? Let's play race to a flat, except this time it's race to a gallon! You'll be working to reach 128!

You'll need: dice, a partner, a trading mat, base ten blocks, and a recording sheet!

Adding Supplies, Paying with Money

| Download Math Vitamin :   PDF   Notebook Can you believe how many pennies we raised as a floor for Pennies for Peace? It's incredible! On Friday we worked together to roll our pennies. We've collected so many! Soon we will be able to send our money off to help schools in Pakistan and Afganistan.

Let's think about how this money could support a classroom. Below is a list of supplies and how much each item might cost. Choose some supplies a student could use at school. Then, find out how much your supplies will cost altogether. Once you have a total, determine what coins and bills you could use to represent that quantity.

Pencil= $0.01, Desk= $9.00, Chair= $6.00, Glue= $1.10, Pack of Paper= $0.75, Marker Pack= $2.25, One Book= $3.50, Scissors= $0.95

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