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Regroups using manipulatives in addition

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Adding Superpowers

Students collaborate with partners to analyze information about a list of superheroes, categorizing and adding superpowers and determining how many heroes have similar powers. Students build and calculate quantities with the help of manipulatives.

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Story:In our Read Aloud, Powerless, Daniel discovered that there has been a history of Supers in Noble's Green. Wanting to find out more about the Supers, Daniel is able to convince Eric to tell him more about the powers of past Supers. Daniel recorded the information he found in the tables below:

Invincibility- 39; strength- 23; super stink- 11; super senses- 8; super smarts- 35; ice powers- 22, electricity power-19, invisibility- 12, mind reading- 31; walk through objects- 5; super swimmer- 24; flight- 17

Using Daniel's data, what can you determine about the history of the Supers of Noble's Green? How many Supers had a power related to their senses? How many Supers have had a power related to movement? What other discoveries can you make based on Daniel's data? Be sure to record your findings in drawings, words and equations!

Inspired by Powerless by Matthew Cody; Knopf Books for Young Readers, 2009

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Math Vitamins:

Ages 3-6

Race to Trade Units to 100

| Download Math Vitamin :   PDF   Notebook The animals in the meadow have decided to turn part of the land into a garden bed. Let's help them plant their rows of crops. Grab a sheet and a die and let's get started.

1. Give the die a roll and gather that many units.
2. Remember once you have ten units you can trade for one vegetable row.
3. Once you have all ten rows you can trade for a finished garden bed!

You are welcome to work together to build one garden bed or play against each other (two boards, one dice). Good luck and happy planting!

Ages 6-8

Adding by Group for Capacity

| Download Math Vitamin :   PDF   Notebook Tomorrow we are going on a field trip to Lincoln Park! There are 114 people total on the first floor that will be going, and everyone needs a spot in a vehicle. Create a transportation plan for our trip.

What combination of vehicles would you need? How many extra seats would you have left?
Car can hold 5; van can hold 12; mini-bus can hold 27; bus can hold 53

Adding to Reach a Total

| Download Math Vitamin :   PDF   Notebook As a member of the Festival Planning Committee, you are responsible for providing transportation for all of the guests to the Crest for the Kite Flying Championship.

Choose a combination of the modes of transportation below to safely move all of Windblowne's 236 visitors to the Crest Arena. Be sure to carefully record your work to share with other committee members.
Crimson Kite Tram 25, Gilbert's Greyhound Bus 42, Oak Line Taxi 7, Treetop Zipline 4, Ilia's Hiking Group 16

Inspired by Windblowne by Stephen Messer; Random House Books for Young Readers, 2010

Cost of Soup Using Money

| Download Math Vitamin :   PDF   Notebook It's already time to think about the all-school Stone Soup celebration in a few weeks. The First Floor Community will be making soup. You can help by brainstorming a recipe using the ingredients below, and then calculating how much your ingredients will cost. Bon Appetit!

Carrots- 15¢, potatoes- 20¢, celery- 3¢, peas- 18¢, kidney beans- 45¢, green beans- 54¢, corn- 67¢, chicken- $1.00, noodles- $1.15, squash- 34¢, barley-18¢, beef- $1.25, tomato- 71¢, Lentils-2¢, onions- 85¢, wild rice- 71¢, garlic- 90¢, radishes- 25¢, mushrooms- 75¢, asparagus- 34¢, sweet potato- 20¢

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